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What we do

THYNK helps to improve employee engagement for your company using the latest learning tools and with our conversation based approach.

  • Analyze & Observe

    Let’s find the root cause of your problem and if there are any potential consequences.
  • Learn & Get Inspired

    We provide you with a platform, videos, challenges, and tailor made workshops to learn in the most effective way.
  • Connect & Activate

    Team up with your colleagues and put your new skills to the test.
  • Measure & Reflect

    We compare results to ensure the effectiveness of our process and verify success.

"Employees who are not engaged cost their company the equivalent of 18% of their annual salary."

We are pioneers in analyzing observations and research about online working issues. Our approach is tailored to the specific needs of your organiziation as we rely on interactive & dialogic approach where we help employees find the answers together.

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We offer tailor made programs to the exact need of your company

Personalized Approach

Every organization is different. A one-size-fits-all approach risks being ineffective. We tailor each and every program to the exact needs of your organization.

Cutting-edge proposal

We make use of the latest learning techniques and technologies, much further than lecture content, we combine active learning, gamification techniques, and much more.

Latest academic research

Our team includes academic researchers that have based our interventions on the latest academic discoveries on online engagement.



We are THYNK, born as an event company, and we have been facilitating social interactions for two years.

In the current world, we have found excellence in working online to be a key area of focus. Thus, our mission is to improve efficiency in communication and motivation working remotely. We aim to be the solution to improve the way people work online.

We focus on innovation, studying & applying the best ways to learn for your organization, rather than only relying on traditional methods.

Combining a data driven psychological and anthropological research team, we have created an online engagement program that merges the latest learning tools, with the right learning techniques.


Our team is multidisciplinary and consists of experts in psychology, business & marketing, anthropology and data driven technologies.


Originated as a conversation organization, we have facilitated 200+ conversations.


We have experience with people from over 40 countries with different backgrounds.


We have analyzed the reviews of 10k employees about their work in the top Dutch companies.


Our program

Our 2-3 month program can help your team and organization to become more engaged, productive, and effective! Our analysis can give insight to see where most value can be added. The training modules (i.e. workshops, challenges, videos, and connect sessions) are given through our platform, offering flexibility to employees to learn when they can focus the most. Lastly, we run a second analysis to ensure real impact. Curious about our program?

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We are here to help you with your online employee engagement efforts. Do you have any questions, ideas, doubts, or do you just want to have a chat about online working? Let’s get in touch!